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The International Partnership for Human Development (IPHD) was founded and incorporated in 1983 as an international non-profit organization to help the efforts of people themselves to attain economic, social, cultural, and self-development.

The purpose for founding the IPHD was to respond to the unmet needs of the poor and those people who aspire to removing the causes of poverty through grassroots or popular efforts of development.  The approach is based upon the concept of integral human development that goes beyond the donor-recipient relationship and instead, emphasizes partnership and solidarity.  IPHD highly values this concept and believes that poverty, hunger, as well as all underdevelopment and social-economic injustice, can be eliminated by partnership efforts of integrated human development and solidarity.  The end result will not only be the people working together to build a better world, but the attainment of better understanding between peoples, which is seen as a step towards full human development and world peace.  The phenomena of poverty are viewed in their global dimensions, with each person and each community becoming the architect of their own development in dooperation with people everywhere


25 Février, 2024
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